N8 PRP Updated National Police Prostitution Strategy and Learning Event

Monday 8th February, University of Leeds

The Leeds Social Science Institute at the University of Leeds is funding a learning event with the N8 Policing Research Partnership to launch the revised and updated Police Prostitution Strategy from the National Chief Police Council.

The event will take place on 8th February 2016 in Leeds and will focus on good practice in policing and protection initiatives with sex workers. Starting the day, ACC Nicky Holland, the lead for Prostitution at the National Crime Prevention Council will outline what is new in the approach and the overall ethos. This will be followed by good practice examples from Chief Constable Christopher  Bowen from West Yorkshire Police speaking about the innovative managed area operating in Leeds, and a presentation from London Metropolitan Police on dealing sexual assault cases. The afternoon showcases new and innovative work using net reach tools and the National Ugly Mugs will report on the new safety technologies which are currently underdeveloped.

The programme is packed with  experts and cutting edge approaches to the rights and protection of sex workers. For those interested in attending please contact Teela Sanders on t.l.m.sanders@leeds.ac.uk

For more information, please see the N8 Policing Research Partnership website