BtG short Film: Online sex work in the 21st Century

A short film based on findings from the research has be produced by Hayley Evans and Amy Cory of the University
of Leicester, with contributions from people who are current or former sex workers who have worked in the online sector of the UK sex industry. The film
touches on some of the key themes from the Beyond the Gaze; the use of online and digital technology by sex workers, safety, stigma, impact
of law, peer support and advocacy. The film was launched on 21st January 21st March, at an event where the memory of Laura Lee was honored and her achievements as a sex worker rights activist were remembered. Laura championed the BtG Gaze Research and she
is forever with us.

N.B. The BtG team is conscious of the wide diversity of experiences and views of people working in the online
sector and as such is aware that no film captures all this diversity. That said it represents the authentic
views and experiences of some people in the online sector and we thank all for their input.