A series of five downloadable briefings based on the project research findings have been produced to date. These focus on various aspects of the research findings or are for particular stakeholder groups. To access PDF documents for download click on the following links.

‘Beyond the Gaze: Summary Briefing on Internet Sex Work’  – provides a broad overview of the project and main findings.

‘Mapping the Online Sex Industry’  – identifies some of the key methodological challenges in mapping the scale and extent of internet based sex work.

‘Beyond the Gaze: Briefing for Police on Internet Sex Work’ – whilst this briefing has been produced for a police audience it will be of interest to all those who want to read about our key findings on the policing of online sex work in the UK.

‘Beyond the Gaze: Briefing on Customers who But Sex Online’ – this briefing provides a summary of findings from largest UK online survey to date of customers of sex workers  using the internet.

‘Beyond the Gaze: Practitioner Briefing’ – This briefing presents summary findings & learning to inform practitioners involved in commissioning, delivering health and other support services who have contact with sex workers (including specialist sex work projects).

We will be producing further free briefings during the remaining months of the project featuring specific elements of our findings – watch this space!