At Booking: Outcalls

At the Booking: Out Calls



  • A common method of security checking for hotel bookings is to ask for the client’s real full name and room number, then to phone the hotel reception, asking to speak to said client in said room to check whether or not they are: a.) who they say they are and b.) in the room they say they are.
  • Try and tell someone which hotel you are going to and when you are expected back.
  • Have a buddy arrangement and check in and out with them. (See  buddying section)
  • If you can, choose the hotel yourself.
    • A benefit of hotel only outcalls is that many hotels will have CCTV recording you entering and leaving the premises as well as activity in the corridors. They also often have security on the premises. Indeed, if you can pick the hotel, get one that does have such.
    • Be aware some hotels operate a covert but active anti-sex worker policy and will ask you to leave if they suspect you are sex working. Network with other sex workers on forums and private groups to get advice about hotels, their reception set up and policy on sex work.


Out Calls to Customer’s Homes


  • Some sex workers prefer not to do out calls to a customer’s home feeling they are on the customer’s ‘territory’. Others do visit clients in their homes. For home calls, always ask for a landline, street address and postcode. Verify client’s name and address by checking directory enquiries or electoral registers.
  • When taking a home outcall some sex workers, once they have the address, will check on apps like google streetview to see if the address is a genuine residential address with a clear exit or entrance, and to get a feel for the place before accepting the booking as well as to make sure the address is genuine. It may also be worth googling the address. Check that it is a real address by checking online (e.g. Google StreetView and Google Maps). Google Maps can also help you to scan the area/street and work out your approach/exit in advance.
  • If it appears to be in an isolated area, have a think if this is safe for you.
  • Our research found some sex workers ask for a utility bill (scanned or photographed and sent) and the name of the client to double check. Some also ask for a deposit, to have a digital trail.
  • Have a buddy arrangement and check in and out with them (See buddying section). Try to make sure the client knows you have spoken to someone.
  • Avoid premises with dogs, especially If they are aggressive.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, which way does the door open and lock, memorise the layout especially how you get to the door – plan your escape routes.
  • Keep your mobile phone close.
  • Look for mobiles, laptops, hidden cameras which may have cameras and be recording.
  • If you are uncertain about a client get out immediately.