National organisations/services

UK organisations, projects or forums which offer information, support or advocacy for sex workers and have national reach

National Ugly Mugs (NUM)

National Ugly Mugs (NUM) are a key partner in the Beyond the Gaze project. National Ugly Mugs (NUM) aims to protect sex workers from violence and other crimes. It is an initiative which enables sex workers, escort agencies and sex work projects throughout the UK to join and receive warnings about dangerous people targeting sex workers, it also offers a report scheme with options to share reports with the police (but only with consent of the reporting sex worker). Via the NUM website sex workers can;

  • Join NUM
  • Receive warning alerts
  • Make a report
  • Access the NUM number and email checker

If you are a sex worker who has been a victim of crime/harrassment or are concerned about any sex work related incident that has affected you, contact NUM  on  or Tel 0161 629 9861, they will do their best to support you and where possible, and only if you wish, sign post you to local services who can help you. NUM can also advise you about making a report to the police, but only if you want to do this, NUM has links with police units in various parts of the UK who have experience in dealing sensitively, appropriately and professionally with reports of crimes made by sex workers. The new NUM web platform, goes live later in 2018 and will have an interactive map with local  health and support service info. is an online sex worker safety scheme. It covers the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and aims to improve the safety of sex workers and reduce crime committed against sex workers, by bringing sex workers together to share information with each other about potential dangers.  Sex workers can join make reports, receive warnings, check emails, phone numbers, and get information about reporting to the police.


SAAFE  (support and advice for escorts) was established, and is run, by and for sex workers.  It provides peer  information and advice on a range of topics including   safety, health, the law, working with a range of practical information for example about  ways of working, where to advertise, money etiquette, touring amongst others . The SAAFE forum has discussion threads on a number of topics about which sex workers  can share experiences  and support each other. SAAFE has a popular Warnings and Wasters board where sex workers can access  warnings.  It also has an area where sex work projects can post information about their services so sex workers can contact them if they wish.

Good Escort

Good Escort is an  advice and support forum for gay and bisexual male escorts and masseurs  who sell services in the male to male market. It was set up by escorts to provide a safe space on the web to chat and discuss escort related matters.   It offers a range of forums and community resources.

Sex Workers Resistance and Rights Movement SWARM (formerly Sex Worker Open University)

SWARM is a collective founded and led by sex workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation. SWARM campaigns for the rights and safety of everyone who sells sexual services,. They organise skill-shares and support meet-ups just for sex workers, as well as public events. They are e UK based and part of the global sex worker led movement advocating the full decriminalisation of sex work


Scot-Pep is a sex worker-led charity that advocates for the safety, rights and health all who sell sex in Scotland. SCOT-PEP provides sex workers with opportunities to have a voice in policy and issues affecting sex workers and their website hosts a range of useful resources for sex workers including the ‘Sex Workers Toolkit’ with information about advocacy, safety at work, sexual health, the law & sex work in society.

Umbrella Lane 

Umbrella Lane (UL) is a sex worker-led service based in Glasgow, providing services and support to sex workers across and visiting Scotland.  UL are committed to a rights-based approach, well as providing  peer support services around they advocate for sex worker rights and carry out work to influence policy and law related to sex work.

English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP)

A collective campaigning for the abolition of the prostitution laws which criminalize sex workers their families, and for economic alternatives and higher benefits and wages. On the ECP website sex workers can download the ECP resource “Know Your Rights” in English & 7 other languages, Romanian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Thai.

X: Talk Project

A sex worker-led workers co-operative which approaches language teaching as knowledge sharing between equals and regards the ability to communicate as a fundamental tool for sex workers to work in safer conditions, to organise and to socialise with each other.  organise  free English classes for sex workers in London,  support critical interventions around issues of migration, race, gender, sexuality and labour are active in the struggle for the rights of sex workers.  X: talk website includes the downloadable resource ‘Safe Calls, Screening and Buddy Systems for Sex Workers’.

Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI)

SWAI promotes the rights, health and safety of sex workers in Ireland and campaigns for sex workers to be part of decision making which impacts their lives.

Harlots Parlour Collective

Harlots Parlour Collective   is an online blog for sex workers, academics and supporters. Our main objective is to share information, work experiences and to campaign for decriminalisation of sex work and for a more nuanced understanding of human sexuality. We have a world wide readership and a growing presence on Twitter @HarlotsP and on Facebook

Harlots Parlour prides itself on offering an independent voice for sex workers and allies who understand sex worker rights in terms, not only of labour recognition, but also as a positive reflection of human sexual interaction and diversity with rich culture and history. Harlots Collective recognises that all sex workers, regardless of job/role within the industry, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith or political beliefs, can suffer from the effects of stigma, discrimination and social alienation. We therefore work toward creating a supportive and welcoming community for all sex workers.

To become involved, offer submissions for the blog, or simply to offer support, please email or telephone 07971 158 593

International Organisations

International  for the Rights of Sex Workers  in Europe

International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) who established the ‘Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe’   and ‘Sex Workers in Europe Manifesto’ ICRSE actively supports network members to collaborate to promoting positive images and news about ICRSE activism and advocacy achievements, supporting national campaigns to oppose policy proposals that threaten to undermine the rights of sex workers. The website enables communications for sex worker rights organisations across Europe and is resource for sex workers, the public and other advocates.

Global Network of Sex Work Projects

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) exists to uphold the voices of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. It advocates for rights based health and social services, freedom from abuse and discrimination, and self determination for sex workers. Amongst it’s aims are to;

  • Provide practical information and opportunities for information sharing among organisations and projects, which provide services to men, women, and transgender men and women who work in the sex industry.
  • Raise awareness of the health and welfare needs of sex workers. Advocate at regional and global level for policies and action, which further the human rights of sex workers.
  • Develop and maintain links between service providers, sex worker organisations and relevant international institutions and agencies.
  • Facilitate opportunities for the voices of sex workers to be heard in relevant international forums.

It’s website provides a range of useful information and resources relevant to sex workers and sex worker organisations.