December 17th is #IDEVASW

#IDEVASW is: International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. Each year we gather together to remember those we have lost as a result of targeted violence and hate crime committed against sex workers (Campbell and Sanders 2018).

At Beyond the Gaze, following our three year study into the online sex industry, working practices, regulation and safety, we take this time of year particularly seriously. We will be publishing an article on the day itself, 17th December 2018, titled: Change and Continuity in Targeted Violence Against Sex Workers.

We will also be linking in with many other projects and organisations – and individuals – on the website and mainly on social media to not only promote the events happening globally, but also to offer support and solidarity to those affected by violence against sex workers and the associated social, emotional and often psychological effects.

Violence against sex workers affects individuals and communities in very different and often personal ways. We feel therefore that the overriding intention behind our posts, articles, vlogs and tweets – is for all who find these – to feel loved.

You are not alone.

With love,

The BtG Team

Campbell, R. Sanders, T. ‘Change and Continuity in Targeted Violence Against Sex Workers’ 2018 will be published here on the BtG website on: 17th December 2018.