BTG Supports 17th Dec: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers



Beyond the Gaze supports 17th December, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.   This day was created to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers and to remember those who have been murdered. It was originally created by The Sex Workers Outreach Project in the US  as a memorial and vigil for the victims of the “Green River Killer” in Seattle Washington. It has grown to be a global event, where sex workers, sex work support projects and their supporters come together in towns and cities around the world to remember victims of violence and reinforce the message that crimes against sex workers will not be tolerated and perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Go to if you want to read more about the day.

In it’s work to challenge stigma & Prevent Violence Against Sex Workers our partner NUM are leading a thunder clap sign up here

Peer expert by experience researchers & advisers in the BTG team share a number of statements of support for the day and sex workers globally;

‘You have the human right to work free from fear’

‘I rely on ugly mugs to help keep me safe. People shouldn’t be targeted because they’re sex workers. We’re people too!’
‘We’re somebody’s daughter, son, sister, brother, friend & deserve respect’
‘Sex worker rights are human rights, stop shaming us to death’
‘You may think you’re alone: but we think of you: everyday!’