Research Interviews: Thanks & Further Call Out!

Our call out for interviews has gone really well and many people have been in touch to take part in interviews. We’ve been carrying  those interviews out over the last couple of months and we want to say A BIG THANK YOU  to all the people who have taken part in an interview & to those forums and platforms who have helped let people in the sector know about the interviews.  For those who took part we hope it was OK for you, we really valued all contributions and already are building up a wealth of data about people’s experiences in this diverse sector.

At the moment we’re especially keen to interview;

  • Male webcammers & escorts based in the UK
  • Internet based sex workers of all genders from Northern Ireland, Wales & Scotland
  • Migrant sex workers working in the UK in internet base sex work e.g escorting, webcamming, BDSM

If you would like to take part in the interview or get further information about what is involved please email, text, call or whats app Stewart Cunningham at  mobile: 07834148334  or email Teela Sanders   They will arrange a time that suits you to be interviewed.  The interview will focus on the use of the internet in your work and will cover wider working practices & safety, we really want to hear your experiences & views.  Interviews can be over Skype, phone or face to face, whatever suits you! Interviews will take an hour and there is a £20 thank you Amazon voucher. 

The researchers carrying out this research & the interviews have many years experience of working with people in the sex industry learn more about them at 

Confidentiality: We know how important privacy and confidentiality is for people in the sex industry. Taking part in an interview will be confidential & anonymous, no personal details that could identify you will be recorded.   We work to strict ethical guidelines  laid down by Leeds University Ethics Committee and if we didn’t follow these we would get into trouble.

Contribute to Important Research!   We hope you can help us! Beyond the Gaze will be the largest, most important study, of this sector of the industry to date in the UK, so a good opportunity to have your say.  As this is an important study it will  be used  to  inform policy, so it’s important the views & experiences of  a group of sex workers whose needs/working styles and conditions, which have tended to be ignored, will be collected in this research. The research will  produce in-depth information about independent sex work and escorting  which have so far been covered only by smaller-scale studies.