British Society of Criminology Conference- July 2016

Prof. Teela Sanders will be presenting at the British Society of Criminology Conference, taking place 6th-8th July 2016 at the Nottingham Conference Centre. Her presentation is entitled ‘New trends in crimes against sex workers: digital crimes, doxing and exposure’. For more info about the conference and how to registrar for the conference go to;   Teela will be discussing  issues of violence and risk for those who are specifically working through the internet, drawing on empirical findings from a Wellcome Trust survey of internet based sex workers.  She will explore new trends relating to digital crimes in the context of work which was considered by research participants as yielding high levels of job satisfaction and control of their working conditions. The ‘new’ types of crimes facilitated through digital technologies such as text and email harassment and the concept of ‘doxing’ by clients are discussed as areas for further understanding and practice/policy solutions. She will flag up the ongoing Beyond the Gaze participatory action research project which is further exploring trends in such crimes against internet based sex workers.