Safety and Privacy for Online Sex Workers

Beyond the Gaze have produced a downloadable document on safety and privacy for online sex workers. This extensive (but not exhaustive) document was written by sex workers and informed by the research BtG carried out during our three year study of the online sector – specifically, the working practices, regulation and safety of online sex work in the UK. Click the image for an instant download! Free for sex workers and supporters. By online we mean, sex workers who use digital technology to run their business. This could be: escorts, pro doms, performers, agency workers, cammers etc.

Safety and Privacy for Sex Workers Available Now

This document was first published late 2018, here we make it accessible in one click for 2019! We will keep you posted as we share our findings further and transition the BtG branding to a more permanent home, as our research has now come to an end. Don’t worry, we’re still here for a while yet and will make sure you know where to go to get the information you need!

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